Translucent fabric of Xiaomi phone Mi9 you’ll get the name of Alita: Battle Angel


We’ve heard in the past rumors hinted for coming translucent fabric of Xiaomi phone Mi9, but today it appeared these women representative of a flagship phone next buy Xiaomi in the TV ad officially posted online. These particular women of Xiaomi phone Mi9 you’ll get the name of the Xiaomi Mi9 : Battle Angel because it was the design of this version by Xiaomi company in cooperation with the company responsible for the production of the movie Alita: Battle Angel.

Teaser highlights directly on the Qualcomm processor, this confirms that the phone will have a processor Snapdragon 855. There are also three cameras in the back and rolls wireless charging located above the battery. There are also some writings, such as ” MIUI ” and Super Mi“, and this refers to the user interface and needs to be a technique to strengthen the central processor to get maximum performance.

Will be a formal unveiling of the Xiaomi phone Mi9 : Battle Angel along with other models of Xiaomi phone Mi9 tomorrow Wednesday 20 February. It is interesting to find that the phone Xiaomi Mi9 : Battle Angel will be released earlier than a movie Alita : Battle Angel note that the latter will be released to theaters in China on Friday 22 February.

I didn’t hear anything official about the price, but some rumors suggest that the Xiaomi phone Mi9 : Battle Angel will be 5999 Chinese yuan which is equivalent to 885 USD based on current exchange rates.


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