Transportation of Crew Dragon capsule, is removed from the water, caught on video

If you return from space at high speed, for a number of reasons usually safer to go down over the water than over the land. And the Dragon Space capsule, SpaceX’s production is no exception. Here’s how it will look, returning to land on the search ship GO Searcher. Say Hello to hero. This is not the first time we are seeing GO Searcher in action; the ship received its share of fame last year, when the sea tests were conducted helicopter landing.

As you can see, GO Searcher is not just a giant mitten that catches fairings; from a vessel required not only to find a big and heavy capsule on the surface of the water, but to accommodate it and any person on Board (and possibly to provide him with urgent medical assistance). So it is rather mobile headquarters, rather than service the ship.

Observers of the dock port Canaveral, Florida (not far from the famous Cape, of course) noticed the ship returning, apparently, from the tests at sea. With the ship found the Crew Dragon capsule. Most likely, practiced snatching the capsule of water, followed by a soft rise of her on the deck.

Return to port after practice — that’s what it looks like. However, depending on the distance and the mission it is also possible that we will see how astronauts, cosmonauts and other space travellers will quickly return by helicopter. A landing pad on the roof will work in the interests of any victim (although on Board there is also a hospital), but the ship moves a lot slower than a helicopter, especially in bad weather.

In any case, we can expect that these ships will be increasingly to get to pictures. Ahead of many SpaceX test flight Crew Dragon, to be followed by combat.

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