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Games physical keep forever…

فخ الألعاب الرقمية

I started buying digital games by seven or six years ago, the first digital game I bought was Hitman Absolution on the PlayStation 3.

Was the decision to buy driven by two things, the first is the presence of a significant reduction on the game, and the second is that I – for the first time in my life – you have a fast internet connection up to 40 Mbps, and I wanted to live the “digital commerce” such as “Khawaja” who listened to them in the podcast and they tell me how they downloaded this game, and the game, without going out to the market or buy them from Amazon and waiting for its arrival.

After I bought the game I had to leave the PlayStation 3 works all night to download, that’s because his system is different from the PlayStation 4, which can continue to download it is in standby mode, which is the case for most devices of that generation such as the PlayStation 3, covering Xbox 360 that are not able to work in the background or in standby mode.

Came the current generation of consoles – PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One – and became pro-download digital games more. They have been building this army to make the download process smoother and works in the background, or in standby mode. But pressure on the buttons to start the game downloading and tighten the terms white magic is filled slowly (as the speed of the internet) as you can continue to play without any problems, the water won’t stop. I would never have imagined to play the game, there are other game will be waiting for me in a few hours?!! I wish I could go back in time and tell myself about this thing.

Maybe laziness was one of the engines I bought digital games, but it’s not the only reason. It has both Sony and Microsoft to improve its strategies in its stores and digital, and we get offers Weekly, the cost prices suitable for often the cheaper ones, which gave me justification to avoid wasting an hour or more between traffic cars to buy the game.

As to the feature of buying games through the browser of the computer and start the automatic download for the game remotely was a fantastic feature, it has become buy games from my office at work to start the device in my house downloaded directly, which is what made the return trip from work to home to fun, like a child waiting going to open his gift.

When I got the device into Switch, I decided that I’ll buy digital games just for this device and you purchase a memory card large to insure the presence of a greater amount of games it, and life was going pretty good. Became a follow up to the shows and buy the games that interest me and I downloaded the same as I’m on the PlayStation, x-box?.

Life was going smoothly, until I upgraded my subscription to 100 Mbps having reached the optical fiber of the neighborhood in which I live. I turned to my number par excellence, that amounted to my daughter five years…

On the day of the days collided my desires with the desires of my daughter, she want to play Mario Party, and you want to play ways to die. Imagine the time that a another device will solve the problem, but my thoughts stopped suddenly grasped the big problem caused by myself, it was like the Apple that reportedly fell on Newton’s head (with that much lie this novel).

Even if you have a device else, wouldn’t be my daughter able to play anything because I have the digital version only, and it is linked to my account, so it’s impossible to play any of the games that you bought only if you have set up my account, and download the games again on the other device, and even if you do have a second device to stay connected to the internet to make sure my data, and in general the experience will be tiring and bad.

I fell in the trap

Invested a lot of money in the library of my games digital on 3 different platforms through the years, but this place will not have a value in a decade, but if you listen gaming companies in their support across the generations of future devices.

If you decide any of the companies stopped its services in the future for any reason, this place will disappear and will not have any existence, and the world of video games knows that a lot of companies went in andout of this area, so the investment subject to the desire of these companies to stay in the gaming world.

There are disadvantages intuitive digital games, it means that you won’t lend your games brothers like, though the coincidence that I bought a bad game or does not suit your taste it is difficult to have returned or sold, this means that the owner went unheeded. Even on the long term the requirements for physical properties of the game, you may be allowed to re-play it though after a while, I had a Nintendo 64 that works with the efficiency and turn it on from period to period, which is the device over the age of twenty years, and I don’t think I’ll be able to play games PlayStation 4 Digital after 20 years.

I tweeted a while ago that digital games for singles, and after that arrived to this conviction, when they grow up your kids place you in video games you will thinking about buying a used Kiev lay your head, the and games physical will this process rather than get lost in the various settings and set the main machine and download the games here and there.

In the case of bankrupt you can sell your games at a cheap price, because second option will be to sell your entire account, a phenomenon began to appear, perhaps by the influence of the expansion of new digital. But if you want to maintain the owner as much as possible, buying tablets best games and you can guarantee the game even after ten years.

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