Travel in Russia or iPhone 11. Your choice?

The day after tomorrow, September 20, come out new iPhone iPhone 11 and 11 Pro. For the base model beauties from Cupertino in the Russian retail asking 59990 and 89990 roubles, respectively. Someone in the pursuit of new emotions is already collecting warm clothes for the queue on Tverskaya. I decided to do otherwise. As a person romantic, chose to walk another year with the iPhone 8, and the money to spend on the trip.

Beauty for my journey

I wonder where in Russia I will take the car for the cost of a new iPhone 11? And return back, of course.

To begin, select the car. I need something really “popular”. Lada Granta for example. All drivers are fond of Lada Grant. And the color will pick up in honor of the flagship innovations from Apple – green.

First go to the “budget” new iPhone 11, who came to replace iPhone XR. You put in your pocket 59990 rubles, which for him he should do the sellers, and go to the gas station for pure AI-95, we will not save our “swallow.”

Full tank is filled, move out of Moscow to the East to Gorky highway. After a couple of hours the Moscow region waved us goodbye. The Windows goes through the ancient Russian city of Vladimir. In Nizhny Novgorod take a look at a new stadium built for the FIFA world Cup 2018.

The new stadium, Nizhniy Novgorod

In the beautiful Kazan should definitely make a stop and walk along Bauman street, and Kazan Kremlin. Trunk full Chuck-Chuck for friends and family, of course, goes with me in the future.

The lighting of the Kazan Kremlin in the evening

Seven hours dimensional oscillations along we come to Ufa. The birthplace of Yury Shevchuk, who sang to me about the fall at the entrance to the capital of Bashkortostan, Zemfira and, of course, Face. Where do without him? The monument to Salavat Yulaev must to inspect. No wonder that all of the Ufa, when asked “what do you have to watch?”, first call this attraction, to perpetuate the memory of the Bashkir national hero.

Salavat Yulaev monument in Ufa

Go further to the East of our country. Money for iPhone is still quite enough to keep driving. After 6 hours we see a handsome Chelyabinsk. The town of harsh people in the Urals. Yes, we are on the Ridge of Russia. Next, we have a twelve-hour drive to Omsk. A beautiful city on the Irtysh. The birthplace of Egor Letov, who recently turned 55 years old. Walk past the Cathedral of the assumption on Lenin street.

Assumption Cathedral, Omsk

The further way leads us to a nearby by local standards, Novosibirsk. Only 650 kilometers. Nothing compared to the 2700 already preodolenye. The student capital of Russia, as it is sometimes called, meets us washed in the morning Red Avenue. Fresh air with Obi and friendly people have given rise to a special feeling of incredible freedom. Really want to eat real Siberian ravioli and stay here for a long time. Moreover, lying in a pocket 11 ¾ from the iPhone allow you to have a great time in Novosibirsk. But I need to go further. Outside the window green rear panel iPhone 11 Pro Grants sweeps the capital of Kuzbass Kemerovo. Krasnoyarsk, the birthplace of the painter Vasily Ivanovich Surikov, walks us already cold waves of the Yenisei.

Is a road to Irkutsk. Straight to the dam that covers the river Angara. From there overlooked the panorama of the city.

Panorama of Irkutsk from the height of bird flight

After an hour rest back in a big way and go to a detour of lake Baikal. Yes, here we are already on the lake. 200 kilometers along the lake saturate the lungs with oxygen and give strength for further travel. Flying Ulan-Ude, heading to Chita. I ride a bit of the Chita children’s railway, walk through the city centre, be sure to read the editorial Yandex.Zen. Need to gather my thoughts before the final cut.

2100 kilometers, the path to the next major city of Khabarovsk. Sitting on a bench on the banks of the Amur, understand that the calculations did not fail me. Spent almost half of a new iPhone. To go further is impossible, because you need something to go home.

8500 kilometers

8500 kilometers on Russian roads traveled for the gorgeous Lada Grant. And as many stayed home. 17000 kilometers you can drive the vehicle, if not buy a new iPhone. Yes, Apple’s smartphone will give you many positive emotions. But impressions of an exciting journey it will not be able to bring.

Amur air prompted the question “how long before I could drive, if not bought the iPhone?”. Take the price of the base model, the cost of gasoline at the time of the device. By simple calculations we get the following figures:

  • iPhone 3G — 12889 km;
  • iPhone 3GS — 17862 km;
  • iPhone 4 — 14556 km;
  • iPhone 4S — 17488 km;
  • iPhone 5 — 12996 km;
  • iPhone 5C — 10210 km;
  • iPhone 5S 12250 km;
  • iPhone 6 — 12210 km;
  • iPhone 6S — 20514 km;
  • iPhone SE — 13236 km;
  • iPhone 7 — 19861 km;
  • iPhone 8 — 18875 km;
  • iPhone X — 26500 km;
  • iPhone XR — 19501 km;
  • the iPhone XS — 26406 km;
  • iPhone 11 — 17195 km;
  • iPhone 11 Pro — 25793 km.

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Do not forget that the iPhone 6S coincided with the fluctuations of the ruble, so he stands out in the statistics. But the dynamics can be traced quite clearly. Every year emotions from the new iPhone becoming more and more expensive travel experience. This year iPhone 11 Pro in Russia is generally the most expensive in the world. And what would you want to see new cities and countries or a fresh iPhone 11 Pro in your pocket?

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