Traveled to sniff women”go”.. to apply to book bus travel I in Egypt

During the days, looks like spring with mild weather, accompanied by typically the desire to travel from one place to another, but a way to move a comfortable and fast always stand in front of thinking to travel, sit for days looking for the cheapest and most comfortable, this is the focus tend to apply “go” to book a bus travel, the first of its kind in Egypt.

“Go” is an online platform to market cruises of the bus companies of public and private transport in Egypt and the Middle East, aims to facilitate the online reservation process to the highest international quality standards, and provide all performances and trips travel largest transportation companies, and display them in a simple called the traveler’s source book a vacation base in the easiest way.

Service application “go”

The application presents a “TO GO” service of mass transit and provide transportation is convenient for users to travel and enjoy the trip quiet from the beginning, therefore, launched the App 4 lines of 19 the city can go to, among them 16 City Point ride from Cairo, and every city of these cities do not price the type of bus, according to the information available in the application “go”.

How to use the application “go”

The platform is used to “go” through the entry on his site here, where you can book your ticket easily, by selecting the flight, and many who want to travel to, and compare it with the flights available on the main page of the site, where you find trips available including:

  • From Cairo to Alexandria, the price of 60 pounds.
  • From Cairo to Hurghada, the price of 140 pounds.
  • From Cairo to Dahab, and their price is £ 225.
  • From Cairo to Luxor, the price of 220 pounds.

After selecting the flight, people clicking on it, and follow the following:

  • You will find 3 sections, the first flight to go, the second book online, and the second payment is confirmed.
  • We determine the point of the point of departure, and the number of chairs that would like to book.
  • To the right of the screen, you will find categories of bus and travel from Cairo to Alexandria.

Finally, apply the “Go” is similar to the application of Swiffer SWVL Joe bus, applications for everyone, but a variation that takes you to the tourist areas, comfortable and high quality, away from the crowds.

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