Trello takes on Butler to accelerate the automation of tasks

Trello تستحوذ على Butler لتسريع أتمتة المهام

The company announced Atlassian-rich from the definition in the field of management tasks across different tools royal for Trello announced the acquisition on the company’s emerging Butler without any details about the value of the transaction, in order to accelerate the automation and organization of the profession on the product.

Enjoying the Butler report and great to automate tasks and distribute them smoothly based on the quality of work and staff within the team, which will help the users of Trello on the road test when the distribution of the addition is important, as Will the number of steps required to be within one step.

This means that the user will be able to transfer from the defined section to another is easy or even automatic during its specific time without having to do it manually.

Since the organization means the organization of the work tasks for each section and separately, the acquisition of new will help in reducing the work pressure on the administrator to distribute the task.

It was Trello works as a project emerging in the beginning, but in 2017 I the Atlassian acquisition, compared to 425 million to expand its work in the area of systems management tools is important.

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