Tremendous amount of capability.. Samsung opens largest phone manufacturer in the world

India is the largest smartphone market in the world in terms of growth rate, so he put it as a priority for large companies is a logical. Samsung, one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world opened the biggest phone manufacturer in the world, on the outskirts of Delhi, according to the report, which came from the site of Bloomberg details the full.

And Samsung is the largest smartphone companies in India in terms of sales, before increasing its lead giant Chinese Shao, and certainly after opening this workbook season have a great opportunity to go back for the top spot.

In an official statement of the South Korean company has confirmed that the plant will double the production capacity of smart phones in India from 68 million phones in the year to 120 billion, which is the productive capacity of the plant which became the largest in the world currently. Not only the production designer on the series, certain phones will phones Android Go the cheap less Price by about $ 100 to phones Galaxy S to the top among the phones of the company.

Attracting opening the source of a number of political figures including South Korean President and the Prime Minister of India who had started the initiative “made in India” which attracted a number of companies, among them Shaw and Oppo.

And India at 1.3 billion people, of whom 425 million people only own smartphones, which leaves the opportunity in front of 875 to buy a phone, their first smartphone in the coming years, encouraging companies interesting to the Indian market significantly. At the same time, India is the second largest smartphone market in the world after China, ahead of the United States of America.

Can citizens in India to buy phones below the price by about $ 250, where due to the average low income in the state. Big phones like the Galaxy S9 doesn’t achieve a lot of sales in India for the same reason, this explains also said sales volume of Apple in India during this period because the phones come at a higher price of at least $ 500. This also explains the sales of Shaw, my Samsung Mega in India and challenge them on the forefront as First Site for smart phones.

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