Trends of e-commerce Saudi Arabia – benefits to Online shoppers

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Trends of e-commerce Saudi Arabia – benefits to Online shoppers

Trends of e-commerce Saudi Arabia – benefits to Online shoppers

E-commerce in Saudi Arabia is the fastest growing in the world, where the change in the way that climbs by the clients for fashion, electronics and other things. The following are some of the main trends of online shopping in Saudi Arabia.

Local shoppers are in Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabia is the only organization in the Gulf region, where arrivals on the local population and therefore focused e-commerce sites to local needs. With 72% of the local population and the large in the internet, Saudi Arabia is no longer a lucrative market very work of e-commerce.

The growth of the retail sector is very high in the region and one of the main reasons for this is the age of the young shoppers who prefer to shop online. Supposed to set up e-commerce to $ 70 billion by 2025.

The season of celebrations and shopping

Eid al-Fitr is the season of online shopping where the travel activity also increases in this period and many traders discounts and deals on products.

As the search for products of fashion and beauty during this time and the websites taking full advantage of this by providing latest voucher codes and discount offers.

You can find the latest deals for months e-shopping sites on the site of julfar shop treatment DIY where you can check the latest coupons walk, code discount Nona and offers from other stores on the internet. You know all this and more via other sources such as press advertising, TV and others.

Friday deals white

With Black Friday in the United States, Saudi Arabia on Friday, white it is a festival shopping main where sales grow a lot. The websites provide online discount on their products.

Any registration

Preferred customers in Saudi Arabia registration through the end of the week. The search for products The from Sunday to Wednesday.

The longer the search the schedule is top on the list

80% of shoppers are using mobile to search for products online and compare the prices of all.

In short, enjoy e-commerce a lot of power in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Where many of the top websites like walk, market, noone who spend a lot of money in this market and many of the newcomers. This will eventually benefit the online shoppers.

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