Trial version of Opera supports digital currencies encrypted and dApps

نسخة تجريبية من أوبرا تدعم العملة المعماة و Dapps

It seems that the step Opera next will be the talk of everyone, where the company unveiled a test version of the browser its main in the Android platform, coming with support for generalized or what is known as the wallet encrypted “cryptocurrency wallet”, in addition to the application support decentralization based on Ethereum or what is known as dApps.

To support the portfolio first process of the ether “Ether” is coded to do with the ETH, which is the most powerful digital currency after bitcoin, and the definition of more by the in short is a value the end user receives as a reward a financial default of a person programmed for people connected to the network, who are using their computers to execute the command and completion of the contract and confirm your health which is similar to the process of “mining” in bitcoin.

نسخة تجريبية من أوبرا تدعم العملة المعماة و Dapps

In relation to this trial version there will be support also to other currencies will come later, and is likely to be able to investors in the ether who use Opera to access their codes easily, believes Opera that more people will use cryptocurrencies and Dapps if the area is used by more number easy to use, and chose the company to support the Application Programming Interface Ethereum Web3 for Dapps which proved to be the most common solution.

Not only that, but this will include browser way to discover Dapp areas called “Dapp Explorer”, for that is the support of all codes ERC20, with support for more tokens / ERC-721 coming in the future, as it is integrated wallet with Coinbase Commerce, making the checkout process easy on sites that use the service.

Finally after the announcement of Opera for this new version, the company to remove the city from its official website, but this does not prevent the emergence of news and related videos.

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