Trial version previous of iOS 12 – removal of a property are important and problems in performance!

Yesterday, Apple launched the beta version of the previous of iOS 12 it was only hours until Apple pulled this update from its servers due to performance problems reported by many users who did the update, and saw this update to remove the property of the task waiting in the FaceTime app.

النسخة التجريبية السابعة من iOS 12 - إزالة خاصية مهمة ومشاكل في الأداء!

Trial version previous of iOS 12 – removal of a property are important and problems in performance!

Apple pulls iOS update 12 Beta 7 after its launch!

The trial version of the previous iOS 12 Beta 7 was the beta version was the worst and least stable of the between the trial version that we saw previously, forcing Apple to pull her after hours because of the availability of the complaints about it.

The problems existing in the iOS 12 Beta 7 was related mainly to poor performance as many of the stops and the lock screen and Notification Center on the work, and it takes the app a long time to connect and other problems, it is expected that Apple to launch the update again after to solve these problems.

Remove group video calls of FaceTime

Property that has been removed is group video calls on FaceTime which was announced by Apple months ago in WWDC conference 2018, and according to Apple, this feature will not be present with the official launch of the update region during the month of September, but will be launched later in the update branch.

إزالة مكالمات الفيديو الجماعية من فيس تايم

Remove group video calls of FaceTime

The advantage of group video calling in the FaceTime allow users to make conversations visible between a number of individuals up to a maximum of 32 individuals, but it seems that this feature is not ready yet.

It is worth mentioning that there are many other apps that provide the feature of group video calls, including but not limited to: Skype, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and others.

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