Trick to activate dark mode applications Android

Dark mode or Dark (Dark Mode) is on his way to be an integral part of all operating systems and applications, but still under trade-in apps such as WhatsApp andFacebook.

However, the latest versions of Android (Android 10) the choice of the developers, they can impose a dark mode in any application on the phone.

It was found that in this way can the charging mode Dark on months applications that do not support dark mode yet, but as we mentioned, there’s the option on Android version only 10.

Also found that the feature works on phones OnePlus 7 Pro and One 6 Plus, and Samsung’s flagship S10/ Note 10 after upgrading to Android 10.

Imposing dark mode applications Android

1 – Go to Settings.

2 – Enter to the section “About phone” and then click on the “version number” several times (About Phone > Build number) until you see the message to enable or open the developer options (Developer Options).

3 – now find the developer options (Developer Options) and inside it look for the preparation of the imposition of the dark mode (Override force-dark) or (Forcce Dark Mode).

Thus you should change most of the apps to work the color black; and beside the negative and dark mode, you may find a difference in content presentation applications, if you want to deactivate the situation, often you’ll find the preparation of the listed status of the notification otherwise it is access the settings of the developer and disable the option.

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