Tricks and tips for iOS 12: the first part

Comes iOS 12 after waiting for the duration of not a few the time has come to use its properties. Despite that the new system focuses heavily on improving the performance (and very successful in my opinion, not as a system of iOS 9, which didn’t keep his promise, full time) find a lot of characteristics that you can feel a difference in daily use and here we give you some tricks and tips to make using your system more smoothly.

حيل ونصائح iOS 12: الجزء الأول

Groups notifications

This update makes me excited strongly because the Notification Center hasn’t been updated substantially since a long time and finally achieved the dream. Allow Apple TV compiled app notifications in groups depending on the application, but the water is not that simple … applications freeze notifications are “intelligent” if talks iMessage as an example find that the notifications from the groups various chat brings you in a pile different, but Apple allows you to change in this world.

To do this you have to go to Settings —> Notifications —> choose an app —> compilation of notices. In the bottom of the page. When you get three choices the first is “automatic” which is the Smart Mode current. The second is “by application” and that the status of all notifications from a particular application in pile one but ratings. Then finally “off” this gives you a system closer to the old ones where you know all the notifications individually.

Add “face” another identity of the face

This property is great for anyone who wants to share the phone with someone close. When entering the settings password Face ID find the option “set the appearance of the alternative” maybe Apple put this feature to have the device in situations that may not distinguish them in general, but you can use them to add someone else’s face ?.

The trackpad without a tactile three-dimensional

Added Apple TV a fantastic feature for the keyboard with the version of the three-dimensional touch a deep pressure on the board they turn to the trackpad enables you to move the typing indicator is free, and it wasn’t this feature present on devices older than iPhone 6S the lack of multi-touch three-dimensional, but preach the gospel are now cross-touch prolonged on the button “help” and move your cursor. As you can through it touch once the finger of another color to provide select the text by talking to you.

Imagine that this feature works on 6s and will not work on the XR due to the adoption of the three-dimensional, but it would destroy them in a way that old phones for 5s/6 any pressure on the “spacebar button” ?

Sleep time

Receive status of Do Not Disturb an update also. When the operation mode “scheduled” to teach at certain times in the day, you will find a shortcut to the “sleep mode” it says, dims the screen to silence calls and view previous history only without any notifications (Notifications appear when you open Notification Center, not on the lock screen). Also during Run mode see what it looks like Notice is always to save you that the situation works.

Quick entry

I’m a fan of feature iCloud Keychain, but I always see integration with the iPhone, minus the, but come iOS 12 to of the crisis so that when you open any page of the entry, whether in the browser or the application of the screen shows you choose to access directly. Also find the check-in Guess the keyboard in the case put the cursor on the place to write data entry. This fantastic property especially in the case of iPhone X where it works at the moment across the imprint of the face like magic.

Accessories USB in the lock screen

This feature enables you to not allow any USB peripherals to work when the device is closed for more than an hour but when you open it. You might say this feature is the Prevention of inventors who use devices you open the phone without entering the password. To activate the feature go to Settings –> Face ID code entry (or Touch ID & entry) –> extensions USB. Here is the service. You have to make sure that the key is closed. Because the open it means that you allow for accessories USB work while the device is locked.

New gestures in iOS-iPad

Now you can use gestures to drag from the bottom up on your IP-bad to open the lock or to return to the screen of the app. As gestures call the career center similar to the docking-iPhone X where you drive from the top corner of the screen.

Any of these wonderful tricks you like the most? And reached for a small, useful other in iOS that 12?

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