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Keyboard Google Gboard one of the best keyboards third-party Docking-iPhone, featuring travel, writing, scroll, writing health, and much more, in addition to Google search. You won’t need to switch between applications, all you have to do is Search and sharing, directly from the keyboard. It is available as a solo Gboard app or can be obtained with the application of Google app in this article we review some of the main advantages and tricks useful.

◉ Drag on the keyboard to be faster

You can write faster, slide your finger from letter to letter. This is useful if you’re writing quickly and you don’t want to remove your hands from the keyboard. No problem you can do it with ease on the keyboard Google.

◉ Move the typing indicator

You can move the typing indicator by clicking on the button distance with the movement back and forth. Also using the 3D Touch anywhere on the keyboard. Or using the lens through prolonged pressure on any place in the writing.

Create animated image


Can through the keyboard Google taking a moving image of type GIF and send or save it by clicking on the camera icon above the keyboard and you can choose the motion picture.

Use the keyboard with one hand

Added Apple options to facilitate access to all the keyboard with one hand. Also Google has put in its application of this same property, but in an easier way a bit of Apple in addition to that you can install for the next time. By prolonged pressure on the ball between the numbers WEEE to switch between languages and settings you’ll find the option to put the use of one hand. And you can switch between the right and left through the arrow next to the keyboard. You can replay the situation the default by clicking on the sign distribution of the top arrow.

Allocated to the settings as you want

In the keyboard Google you can block writing abusive words. Through the keyboard settings and then Keyboard Settings – disable the option Block offensive words

Search for anymore

The Apple keyboard appears when you type some emoji that shows some of the words but it doesn’t work in some applications, such as the application note. You keyboard Google the same thing, but in every place either application notes or the other, but you can search for the anime you want by name, and then choose what you want, and then complete the write in box to write the message.

Switch between languages quickly

Keeps switching between languages such as the same way the Apple TV. Through the switch, or prolonged pressure on the bottom left of the keyboard. Note that when you choose three languages will disappear the settings option only if you use the keyboard Setup with one hand.

Use the night mode

Feature keyboard Google of the existence of themes many to choose what suits you. Of Night mode possible. By clicking on the switch icon – Settings – Themes – and then choose what you want.

◉ Write to health

Another fantastic feature in the keyboard Google, instead of typing say what you want it will be written as they are so sensitive to many slang words. By prolonged pressure on the distance and you will be taken to the window of the spell, and once will move the message automatically to the place you are writing the letter directly.

Use the Google search

If you want to send the link to someone, you can that through the search feature of the Google built-in with keyboard. Click on the Google icon G at the top of the keyboard and find what you want in the internet. If you want to open the website in a special page Click on the arrow at the bottom of the sea state. Also you can search on YouTube and share the videos as well as you can search in Google Maps and share your location or search for another location and participation.

Letters and punctuation

Feature keyboard Google easily use in almost everything. You can press and hold the button to switch between uppercase and lowercase for the English language such as and to the character you want, as well as for the punctuation, you can prolonged pressure with the drag to the mark that you want will be to place your default again.

Create keyboard shortcuts

There is no special preparation in the keyboard Google for this property, but used the existing shortcuts in the iOS system through the Settings – General – keyboard – replacement text will be displayed abbreviations as words convinced.

Erase search history

Since you’re using Google search through the keyboard, surely you will have temporary files. To remove these files, go to the keyboard settings Google – Search settings – Clear Gboard search history – then press OK will clear the temporary files the keyboard only and not Google Accounts.

We wish to add a keyboard Google features found on Android devices from the added cladding and the position by scrolling and other things that convey the color in the iOS version the Android.



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What do you think about keyboard Google? Any panel you prefer a Apple Computer?



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