Tricks you may not know it in the iOS system

We mentioned in an article yesterday that iOS discoverable over time. With the launch of each new update I don’t remember Apple only possible broadband only while the discoveries until the advent of the new update. Given the difficulty of iOS at the current time, some spoofing on the system to offer the feature cost be beneficial when other. In this article we’ll find a way to hide the emoji “anime ” unused never respect Balti we use only. As well as stunt on zoom image in the Photos app to the money, the end of which could benefit to see some of the details of the image. Proceed with us.

حيل قد لا تعرفها في نظام iOS

The first trick: how to hide anymore that you never use it.

Is emoji or anime one of the things that we used to use them while writing our different especially on the social media platform is different.

Has become there almost an emoji for everything. However, there are symbols not and will not use them never. This non-constant increase in these symbols throughout the updates of the successive. This makes the search for the emoji icon to be a tedious process and takes some time. What if there was a way to hide the emoji that we can’t, so we get easily to our favorite of those symbols?

Way reached, through the emoji keyboard called Smojis an application that allows you to hide the emoji individually or complete sets. Here’s how to hide icons that you don’t need with the application Smojis.

◉ Install the application Smojis – The Emoji Keyboard, which is available on the App Store priced at $ 0.99.

Smojis – The Emoji Keyboard


source soup – Nils und Sascha Hobbensiefken GbR

Size16.4 mega
متاح في متجر البرامج


◉ After installing Smojis, you will need to grant it permission to access. When you open the app, will give you some instructions what you must do. If not, you can go to Settings – then scroll down to the bottom and click on the application Smojis – keyboards – and then activate it.

Hide the emoji with Smojis

The application Smojis, and then choose Hide categories hide the groups or single emojis to hide certain symbols one at a time. Will the standard classifications listed in front of you. Choose one and then drag the group you want to hide it in full, will be dimmer, then press stop.

If you want to hide the emoji one, select that and the baht also on the screen.

When you open the keyboard and move on to emoji, or by clicking on the globe icon to see emoji Smojis will be just the icons that I wanted to see her only.

Other features to develop Smojis

◉ You can see the emoji group or individual that you have hidden recently.

◉ View the new emoji-only by default.

◉ Choose the color of the skin and in a virtual way direct without change all at once.

◉ Choose Thea dark “Lily” or light “day”.

It would be nice if it was integrated like that is possible in default keyboard for iOS updates coming.

What do you think about this app? And do you see his idea required? Tell us in the comments.

The second trick : to enlarge the image infinitely

Has the Photos app on the iPhone and the iPad for the odd glitch, which is no hope to fix it at all, which makes it possible to enlarge the image infinitely exceeds the limit of vision. Maybe spend it on some things. It is known that the zoom image on iOS is limited to a certain point.

It only takes a few easy steps, How do you do that?

◉ Open the Photos app and select the image to enlarge it.

◉ Choose Edit and then choose Mark cropped image or Crop.

◉ Never cropped the image to focus on the area to enlarge by dragging the corners of the grid slowly and stop after every time, dad do not pull from the corners once or else you will stop the image at a certain magnification.

Then press “Done” to save what you cropped. And then repeat the image through the application of sound basic only will you can enlarge it to the maximum degree.

◉ Can take advantage of that process to see each part of the picture in speakers, double fold during the economics before you press the “done”, and then cancel back to normal.

◉ Remember that the audio application supports editing non-final, you can always refer to the original image by pressing the button returns when you use the cropping tool.

Did you know that trick earlier? If you know another trick, tell us in the comments.



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