Tried headphones JBL UA True Wireless Flash. AirPods Smoking in aside

Over the past few years the market of these wireless headphones (so-called “true wireless”) has made an incredible leap forward. We will not dissemble that this contributed to the AirPods is true, Apple was not the first who came up with the concept of a true wireless – it was ahead of the Swedes from Earin. But the main drawback of the AirPods is still a lack of soundproofing and… sound quality. This and decided to use the JBL, which together with the Under Armour burst onto the party with their new in-ear True Wireless Flash.

The box is beautiful — if you choose these headphones as a gift, with wrapping paper you do not bother. After opening the box you immediately see the earphones themselves (though, in the charging case), two packages with accessories (charger micro-USB cable for case & replaceable ear cushions), as well as various documents, among which are mingled a promotional code for 12 months of free service use Mapmyfitness from Under Armour. Still, I can say that I have “runners for runners”.

Although there are three pairs of ear cushions in different sizes (so-called Flex Ear Tips), I was approached by those that were installed on the headset initially. But owners big or too small ears will like the ability to choose the optimal combination of size of ear to place the earphone as close as possible and comfortable. Because on the treadmill it is important not to lose one of the headphones.

The first impression of UA True Wireless Flash it is possible to form already on the case to charge the headset. In contrast, the same glossy plastic at the AirPods, charging case, the model with the JBL looks and feels much more solid. At first it seems that all this aluminum construction is very heavy, but in fact, the case for charging weighs 118 grams along with stowed in his headphones.

Open it too unusual. There is no cover, simply click on the case side, and the part with the headphones very “go” that it was possible to put them on. The original decision, is that other manufacturers have not seen.

Speaking of appearance, it is difficult to assess the look of one earphone separately from the other, as it is impossible to evaluate the appearance of the headphones separately from the case. Both the headset and case, you will have to take, so ergonomics have to be good in all cases. The JBL and Under Armour made stylish and convenient charging case, which is easy to take along even in a short trip.

The sound here is answer dynamic emitters diameter 5.8 mm — those who are least familiar with the JBL brand, already know that sound its devices all at the highest level, and whether we are talking about headphones or portable wireless acoustics. Objectively speaking, the sound quality UA True Wireless Flash better than the other is completely wireless headphone in this price category. These headphones are a natural flow of sound and natural MIDs, combined with a full bass that is not “hit right in the skull”, but surely complements the tracks in the genre of hip-hop, pop and R&B. it would Seem that Bluetoothheadphones can’t sound as good as wired, but not in this case.

Coupled with good sound these headphones can offer protection from moisture by the IPX7. This means that the headphones can be submerged to a depth of 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. Of course, to swim and listen to music at the same time will not work, but at least in the long run (and even a small cold shower after) with headphones, nothing happens.

What are these functions for runners? Model UA True Wireless Flash uses a technology called Bionic Hearing. It allows athletes to hear the surrounding environment due to built-in microphone: running is all well and good, but security should not be forgotten, because the headphones can not hear the same cyclist or a car. She is represented by modes and TalkThru AmbientAware that such features acoustic transparency.

TalkThru is activated with the button on the outside of the left earcup: if pressed, the music starts to sound quieter, and it increases. Useful not only when you race on the street, but at the checkout in the store if you are listening to music and need to switch attention to the speech of the man next door. It is enhanced by translating the votes of others via built-in microphones in the headphones. Double-touch button you can transfer UA to True Wireless Flash mode AmbientAware: it is necessary to hear a dangerous and loud ambient sound: (car horn, a crash, a train, etc.). Of course you can just reduce the sound, but it’s not as convenient.

And, of course, not without traditional controls. So, if you press once the button on the right earpiece, you can put the track on pause; double tap to skip songs. To trigger Siri, is long enough to hold the button.

The well-matched ear pads headphones sit very well in my ears, and after a couple of hours is not felt, as if weightless. So you can walk (and run) in them for a long time: earphone headphones keep connection and not “fall off”. It seemed that the headset lacks noise insulation, but then I remembered that they are specially made using this technology. UA True Wireless Flash just created for running and walking outdoors, so they don’t cut the extra sounds, so you can control the external environment.

As for the runtime, it corresponds to the declared — I got almost 5 hours when listening to music on the street and in the office. A little? Think about charging case — capacity would be enough to charge the headset several times. Here we have 20 hours of listening (a total of 25 hours!). Almost a record for this category.

You can not just consider this model as an alternative AirPods: UA True Wireless Flash standalone device that will appeal even to those who never had Affairs with earphones of this type. Unlike the Apple earbuds, they have a more robust construction and protection from moisture and a more secure fit. Well protected from moisture, of course! Plus the headset function and fashion pieces for athletes. And are cheaper — you can find over 10 000.

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