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Revealed the company tried Transcend, the leader in development of storage products high-tech, multimedia, on camera new car DrivePro 550, which enjoy a lens of double the angle of vision is wide, so that allows video recording didn’t happen on the street and what happens inside the vehicle at the same time, the supplied front lens with sensor images of the Sony a big girl of AC/2.2 angle wide view of 160 degrees to capture high-definition images.

The rear lens is fitted with four lights of type LED lights infrared works automatically in low light conditions, the camera thanks to these advanced features provide the highest levels of protection, both for people inside the car or outside of it.

And many offer two front and rear user to record video of what is happening on the road and what’s happening inside the car, and depends of the lens front on the account Advanced page of the Sony a big girl of AC/2.2 angle wide view of 160 degrees, which supports video recording accurately 1080×1920 pixels at 30 frames per second, regardless of ambient lighting conditions.

While the supplied lens rear four lights infrared, which makes it work automatically when the lighting is low inside the car, which increases the clarity of the video recordings inside the car even when shopping at night.

The GPS feature to determine where to take pictures and record video

Supplied camera with geotagging GPS that works according to the technology Glonass, allowing to determine the geographic coordinates where the image capture or video recording, the importance of this feature upon the occurrence of a traffic accident, they help the workers in emergency, the police or officials for the operations of health insurance on access to the accident site quickly and easily.

Users can devices that rely on Windows to take advantage of the tool DrivePro for the flight path of the recording Camera, the video display of the events that occurred during the flight, with the identification of its geographic location on the map, determine the speed of the vehicle flight date and time.

Additional advantages to ensure higher levels of security

Provided the company tried the camera a new feature called Head-Up Display, which allows drivers to see their speed of the current across the camera screen, as well as offer a range of security alerts such as the lack of commitment also or warm custom car and borrow the excess from the other cars from the front.

This reduces the chance of a traffic accident, and in case of failure to turn on the lights the front of the car, as well as to alert the driver, who has been showing signs of fatigue or lack of focus while driving.

And the camera the role of the governor, who says the protection of the vehicle when the driver is away from her in case they run in the “help corner the car” or “photography Video Accelerator”.

A range of exclusive tools and application for mobile devices

Provides tried tool DrivePro, which are available to arrange the video clips so that you can access the desired video clip easily depending on the name of the lender or the date of registration or category which is classified within, and you can also rely on this tool to capture still images from within the recorded video clips, so that they can focus on a scene or a certain part of the video.

The supplied camera capabilities connect to the wireless network, allowing it to communicate with a free app DrivePro available for iPhone or Android, it lets users see photos and videos recorded and downloaded, as well as change the settings of the imaging camera.

Enjoying the new camera is warranted for a period of two years from the company tried, and will be available soon via the website market Com and SHARAF DG its electronics, Emax, and across the false belief buy tried ten TRIGON LLC.

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