Triple Jump — arcade game that makes you cry

In the yard in January, so there are certain memories that cause tears of ordinary people. It is at least dry pavement and shoes remaining dry after going outside. And if you remember the summer resorts and stay near the sea so can and does flood the neighbors below. Cry makes and Triple Jump. Game from Ketchapp combines simple controls and high difficulty of the game. Get something like Flappy Bird, but no birds.

As already mentioned, the application refers to a famous French publisher Ketchapp. In this regard, the user traditionally receives intuitive interface, no need for the training mode and the desire to press the restart again and again.

After launching Triple Jump immediately offers to cut to the chase. This is done through animation of the hand, which recommends to tap on the screen. Before you gather your strength and focus — the way back will be gone.

The game is simple, but most of it is displayed in the title. We have the ball. His abilities are limited to the ability to roll and jump — and not more than three times in one approach. Yes, a miracle-the projectile is able to push off from the air. Be sure to keep this in mind otherwise otherwise to progress beyond the first obstacle will not work.

Obstacles enough, most often it is teardrop-shaped blocks. Push them or try to break makes no sense — it will end in a loss. The only option is jumping. The height and duration of the last need to count carefully. If you just tap on the screen three times, the hero will fly up high, but the jump will not be long. If you do it gradually, the ball will overcome a good distance in the air. Any error — and the level ends. Since there will be many task to do without crying seems impossible.

During the game collect gold pentagons. They change to new balls in the main menu. By the way, how many of them have you? Share in the Telegram chat AndroidInsider.

The game will suit anyone who wants to be distracted from what is happening and fun to spend free time.

Application: Triple Jump
Developer: Ketchapp
Category: Arcade
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)
Download: Google Play
Application already interested in: 68 people

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