Trojan posing as “Alice”, downloaded over 20 thousand times

Experts antivirus company “Doctor Web” found out about the appearance on Google Play malware Android.Click.245.the origin, posing as an independent client voice assistant “Alice”. Trojan has been downloaded more than 20,000 times and, not having useful functionality, signed their victims for premium services.

After download to the device, the Trojan determines the type of Network connection and send the user a link to download the supposedly optional components “Alice”. If the connection was established via Wi-Fi, on the screen appeared the window with the requirement to enter a phone number and confirm the registration code from the SMS.

If access to the Network provided by the network, the number is determined automatically. After successful registration the user is subscribed to an expensive service from one of the content providers. By the time of publication Trojan has been removed from the Google Play censors Google.

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