Truecaller raises the voice dialing feature free

Adds Truecaller is the most well-known app to help users organize their messages, another feature to serve him where he said the company has taken from the Stockholm-based, the application can use it now to make free voice calls over internet protocol, told the police website TechCrunch they started to ask the voice dialing feature free to users of Android, and expects to up the demo version to all users of Android in the coming days, it will be the water that currently supports calls only between the users of Android, to iOS app of its own soon.

In emerging markets like India where 100 million users of Truecaller 140 million, it was the free voice calls feature to the long-term until late 2016, was the voice calls are fairly expensive in India, where operators count revenue traditional calls as the biggest source of profit, but in the two years last year and a half things have changed dramatically for hundreds of millions of people in India after the company launched Reliance Jio, the Telecom operator, which is owned by the richest man in India is Mukesh Ambani, where the distinction of its network shows for many of the Office of information and free voice data services low price.

The collection company Reliance Jio more than 300 million users to become one of the top three telecom companies in the country, yet still the quality of the network leave a lot of bad impressions in India, where the decline the traditional call abruptly and faced problems in quality more than want to, said Truecaller that voice calls depend on the data services, data mobile, Wi-Fi, she claimed that she can work quickly even on a network is incomplete, comes the added functionality of voice call at the same time seeking Truecaller aggressively to expand its business.

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Truecaller compete WhatsApp

Truecaller يطرح ميزة الاتصال الصوتي المجانية لمستخدمي AndroidTruecaller raises the voice dialing feature free to users of Android

Said the representative of the company has the Truecaller began to explore the feature of voice calling free a few months ago, where I started to test the new functionality with the users of a test group for Alpha and beta for four weeks, the company said it is now planning to support voice calling everyone soon, with new feature compete Truecaller now working closely with WhatsApp.

The app has become owned to Facebook everywhere in India where it is used more than three quarters of the base of smartphones in India, added the WhatsApp feature voice calling to their app in 2015, last year said that Facebook users from all over the world spend their two million minutes a day on video and voice calls to WhatsApp.

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