Truelifi: system transfer online via lighting at a speed of 150 Mbps

Announced the (Signify), formerly known as (Philips Lighting), the organization lights a smart of Mark Hugh (Hue) business, announced a new set of bulbs (Li-Fi) business capable of delivering broadband internet via a lighting named (Truelifi).

And wireless routers an essential element of homes, offices all over the world, but there is more than one way to send wireless data, including (Li-Fi), a technique is considered in data transfer on the scanners rather than the domain of radio.

These new bulbs to transfer data to the devices, such as laptop computers, at speeds up to 150 Mbps, using light waves instead of radio signals used in networks of the fourth generation (4G) or wireless networking (Wi-Fi).

It uses system (Li-Fi), new labeled (Trulifi) technology transceiver optical wireless built-in lamps Philips (Philips), which means that users won’t have to replace the infrastructure for the lighting current experience (Li-Fi).

Consists new product of lamps in addition to transmitters and receivers adjustable to match the current lighting, and the use of technology to connect the point to two fixed wireless at speeds up to 250 Mbps.

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Web system (Li-Fi) such as any lighting system you would see in the ceiling of the office or the hospital, but it provides access to wireless data at the same time, while provides all lamp access wirelessly, it delivers the task to the interests of the other when transmission of person.

And boasts a company to deliver the smooth light to another, and targets Signify the important markets through new product, such as office buildings; hospitals, rather than homes, where these markets have access to a much wider audience.

There are technical (Li-Fi) years ago, and most internet connected devices, such as laptop computers; and smart phones, to external transformer to receive the data via the (Li-Fi), and the Prohibition signal when the receiver in the back.

And the company (Signify): users need to access key (USB) connector connected to a laptop to receive a signal (Li-Fi) through the middle (Truelifi).

Systems can (Trulifi) – once contact – providing wireless connection speeds up to 150 Mbps, according to the company, this trend is fast enough to broadcast 30 films in 1080p one at a time.

There are a number of advantages when using the (Li-Fi) traffic light instead of radio signals for data transfer, such as the possibility of its use in areas which suffer from RF interference, or in places such as hospitals, which might interfere the radio frequency (RF) with the sensitive devices.

In addition to the speed and to avoid radio frequency, the (Li-Fi) offers some key benefits, including the possibility of transferring data to any place to light, like the depths of the underground where the wireless network is limited, can also be used (Trulifi) to connect robots or machines in industrial facilities.

And while you can block signals (Li-Fi) easily, but that this disadvantage would be good for security, so that the user have greater control of the place where infested network.

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