Truing the Google Lens replaces the application Google Goggles

تظبيق Google Lens يَحُلّ محل تطبيق Google Goggles

When it was first announced about Google Lens a year ago from now, and referred many users to the similarities between it and Google Goggles which have been abandoned long ago by the company, designed both to improve the things in the pictures, but the Lens is a much smarter thanks to the intelligence and machine learning.

Another aspect of receiving the application Google Goggles today, the first update since 2014, and brings nothing, only a welcome message that asks users to install the application Lens, that’s all in the update!

Finally very strange to tell Google to direct users to install the Lens through the application of its other Goggles, so that the app has been dead for a long time, a sign that the application of the Lens he currently works with a limited number of smart phones, does not represent any of them in 2014.

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