Trump asking to see Apple TV in the building of networks 5G

The president asked the American Donald Trump today Thursday, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, consider the assistance in the development of the infrastructure of the communications networks of the fifth generation 5G wireless in the United States.

Donald Trump said through a tweet via his account official on the platform of Twitter: I have Apple everything, including money, technology, vision, and Tim Cook.

Met with Donald Trump with Tim Cook during his visit to the headquarters of the Company Law in Texas, which is the latest sign of a close relationship between the two most powerful men in America.

Despite the request of the US president, however, Apple is not a relationship almost development or physical infrastructure for networks 5G in the United States, owing to the fact that it is not a company contacts portable.

Ruled Tim Cook in 2016 to try and Apple TV access in the areas of business communication Mobile, said: Our expertise does not extend to the network, we do not have the skills required for networks of mobile communication.

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This is supposed to provide 5G networks data speeds faster than the existing 4G networks by 50 or 100 times, will serve as important infrastructure for a range of industries.

And benefit a number of American companies of the new technology, as Tehmina Qualcomm on the chips that help mobile phones connect to the network, in the manufacture of Cisco network equipment.

The operators of mobile phone networks to upgrade their networks through the equipment 5G manufacturer of companies such as Huawei or ZTE or Ericsson or Nokia.

Donald Trump said earlier: if the United States intends to deploy the services of the Fifth Army quickly and intends to cooperate with like-minded thinking to enhance security in the 5G.

The United States on the state to prevent the arrival of the Huawei to the networks of the fifth generation in the future, arguing that China could use equipment to Huawei for, which is denied by the Chinese company repeatedly.

Examines the U.S. Congress of legislation authorizing the granting of up to a million dollars for the purchase of telecommunications in small rural areas for the replacement of network equipment from Huawei and ZTE, which says legislators: they constitute a threat to national security.

Has issued some of the company’s rival Apple in the smartphone market, especially South Korea’s Samsung, the devices of supportive networks 5G, which put pressure on Apple.

This is likely to put many of the communications companies that invest heavily to build 5G networks its marketing efforts behind the phones 5G.

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