Trump describes Huawei as serious too, but it does not rule included in the one page business

Huawei Company

Last week, the US government imposed a total ban on Huawei, by preventing them from working with American companies, forcing Google to cancel the license Huawei to prevent them from using the services of Google Play Services on Android, and the Prohibition of its Android software Q Beta. After that, a group of other companies, including ARM and Qualcomm, and the SD Association the same thing, which localized instability is expected to put the Chinese company more.

Locked the United States and China trade war is continuing since management began to Trump the increase in tariffs on Chinese imports to the United States, which made the Chinese government respond to that by increasing tariffs on U.S. imports to China.

The official reason that made the United States of America put Huawei in mind is that the police know the United States risk trade and that people who use the devices Huawei continuously prolongs the exposure of the United States of America didn’t call it a threat. Even before this latest ban, the company had Huawei has accused the United States government two months before the election Huawei and destroy their reputation.

After an event with the U.S. Department of agriculture, he asked one of the reporters US President Donald Trump on the Prohibition of Huawei where he presented an explanation of the mysterious and harmonious at the same time stated : ” Huawei is something very serious. You look at what they did from a security point of view, and from a military point of view, it is extremely dangerous. Therefore, it is possible that the inclusion of Huawei in the type of business transaction. If we have concluded a deal, I can imagine that Huawei may be included somehow as part of a business deal “.

If Huawei represented a major security threat already, so why mention Trump that Huawei can be a part of a business deal futuristic? When prohibition was ZTE, it was because of the actual evidence on breaking the trade embargo with Iran. It was supposed to be the company is prohibited from doing business with the United States for 7 years, but ZTE has reached an agreement with the United States despite the recommendation of the Congress not to do so. Page includes huge fines and comply with the requests of the United States to modify executive officers within ZTE.

On the surface, detrimental to the ban imposed by the US government on Huawei the smart phone sector in particular and the technology sector in general, while increasing the pressure on China to shift to a new business deal. The Ready President Donald Trump to lift the ban as part of a business deal seem like the way to irresponsible to take advantage of interaction with China, rather than resolving the security threat supposed.

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