Trump issued orders for Apple and other companies looking for alternatives to China

Dropped the price of the shares of Apple due to the recent decision by US President Trump, which required Apple and other companies looking for alternatives to China.

It seems that trade relations between the United States and China will face the repercussions of the new during the coming period, where the president issued the American Donald Trump Resolution new Apple and a host of other American companies to look for an alternative to China, following China’s decision to impose tariffs on American goods.

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Facing American companies is a new problem as a result of strained trade relations between the United States and China, which widened the fallout of the U.S. embargo that choose Huawei during the financial period as a result of the decision of the new United States administration takes the Apple and American companies looking for alternatives to China.

Was Apple the first companies that were affected on the ground that this decision, where the company’s shares plummeted immediately after the publication of Trump for his recent tweet on Twitter.

Also, although the method that raises the table to the US president in the publication and issuance of its important decisions through Twitter on Twitter, but many of the tweets of US president focused on the last Friday in particular on the economic relations between the United States and China.

Among the ramifications of this new decision which will significantly affect on corporate America during the coming period, the presence of a lot of manufacturing facilities for U.S. companies in China, where it is expected according to this decision that are looking to American companies for other sites for the transfer of these facilities outside of China, which began when Apple already.

Recall that the latter decision did not affect the shares of Apple only, but it led to a decrease in shares of both Qualcomm and Nvidia also declined shares of Apple in particular increased by 4.6%.


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