Trump provides the interpretation of controversial about restrictions on Huawei

Came Trump’s campaign to impose restrictions on the company, Huawei since the beginning sense of “security threat to the United States,” which responded already have a group of companies to cease the partnership and cut ties with Huawei, but that the explanation provided of Trump lately in reply to the reporter raised a lot of controversy about the validity of the implementation of this ban.

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The administration had begun a major campaign to put pressure on Huawei and isolate them commercially, has responded to this campaign a lot of companies that come on top of Google company to withdraw the license landed, and then Qualcomm and Intel, where he was the main reason stated for this campaign is a threat to Huawei security of the United States.

And it was this explanation acceptable to a certain extent in the beginning, particularly with the development of Huawei’s network infrastructure, except that the phones don’t compete in the US market so may not represent Huawei a security threat to the United States in the end.

Also some might suggest to a violation of the Huawei intellectual property and its history in violation of the trade secrets, however, this reason may featuring a lot of Chinese companies including Lenovo and DJI, which leads to disaster in the end.

However, the reason certainly to start this restrictions on Huawei, comes more than a year ago in attempts to Trump the pressure of Economic to China, where he began to impose a lot of tariffs, and then the car began to Trump to escalate to in the end to guide the strict restrictions on Huawei in particular with the aim of forcing the Chinese side to negotiate trade with the US administration in the end.

I have confirmed the statements Trump made on Thursday last in reply to a reporter about the reason for the restrictions imposed on Huawei, where the answer came from Trump at the outset that this ban imposed because of the threat Huawei security of the United States, and then usually Trump statement raised a lot of controversy in which he noted that he expected the lifting of restrictions coming soon as part of a business deal!.

Of course having a business deal on the table directly between the United States and China or Huawei in particular, denies allegations Trump and the American administration about the threat of Huawei security on the United States, completing the commercial transaction will not have protection, certainly in the case of a security threat already.


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