Trump says that he agreed with China on the lifting of the ban on Huawei

A historic deal between China and the United States on the sidelines of the summit in Osaka of the state the twentieth rejects ban on Huawei .

ترامب يقول أنه اتفق مع الصين على رفع الحظر عن هواويTrump says that he agreed with China on the lifting of the ban on Huawei

US President Donald Trump on the sidelines of a meeting with Chinese President Xi ji ping in the top twenty in Osaka, Japan, the United States agreed with China on lifting the ban on Huawei

Comes the lifting of the ban on Huawei’s next to a number of Chinese companies that suffered from U.S. sanctions, after a historic agreement.

And presidents of Chinese and American that dialogue is the best solution to solve problems, Trump said he’s willing to hold a historic deal between the parties.

The agreement covers avoid putting customs duties on Chinese products is estimated at$ 300 million according to the last reports, but Trump said that in the case of avoid the agreement probably will impose tariffs on all Chinese imports complete.

Referred to the fact that Huawei has suffered so much recently from the U.S. ban the company expected a turnover decline of 40% during this year.

As corporate America has by its province after the ban which contributed to the failure of a large audience about the future of the operating system in particular.



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