Trump sees the Nokia is better than Huawei

He stressed the US President Donald Trump has repeatedly stressed the need to strive for the localization of American jobs, and praised the Finnish company Nokia to provide technology to the fifth generation developed by the laboratories of American, in his press conference at the White House with the president of Finland Sauli Niinistö.

He called Trump and his allies to buy the technology of the fifth generation of the Finnish company, said “We are delighted also that the Finnish company Nokia -it’s a fantastic company and leading global technology fifth generation – develop their products here in the United States at the Bell Labs (Bell Labs) in New Jersey”.

Has acquired Nokia on the bill as part of its acquisition of the group Alcatel $ 16 million in 2016.

Besides the headquarters of Nokia is in Finland, is the Bell Labs center of research and development efforts for the fifth generation of Nokia.

And Nokia transport companies and other partners to test the techniques of the fifth generation in the environments true to their business.

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