Trump: you should try the Google similarity to my picture

U.S. President Donald Trump accusing Google that it manipulated search results to shape it in his image, so that anyone looking for the latest news the President will make the stories detrimental to the image of his, he said, adding that it could be the trial of the famous search engine to not publish positive stories enough about the President.

Trump said he had studied the results of the search “news Trump”, only to find that all the news was almost the same tendencies of the political left, by 96%, which is considered extremely dangerous, where the accused Google and several other companies hide the results of your research on the American Political conservative, promising to confront this.

It is worth mentioning that the search results shown by a search engine the famous Google is the product of the use of algorithms based on many factors that are not disclosed to all, so that the results could be affected by the history of design and the former, which is what is believed to be the reason behind finds him President when his search for news.

The Google recently to work on changing ways of news selection that is displayed within the search results first, in the midst of the increasing complaints of increasing exaggerations that come from sources misleading, and did not track The Google to the President’s remarks after.

This shows us currently when you search for “news Trump” various articles from many sources between the positive of the BBC and Fox News, and CNN, are completely neutral.

Source: The Independent

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