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Become a digital marketing grows crazy in the Arab region due to the increase of users and increase the services available there.

That is why marketers and brand owners to target the users through means of digital marketing, such as banners, social networks and e-mail etc., this market-which has become several hundred dollars a month, especially in the Gulf region grows daily, but there is a lot that we should know before engaging in the use of these means.

E-mail marketing to become complicated day after day.

With the increase of digital marketing, many advertisers, the complexities become increase day after day, recall the examples:

  • Banners advertising 26% of Internet users use the AdBlocker which removes these banners and many people prefer to ignore.
  • Facebook and many other networks working to increase the costs of ads every day and check, this is announced by Mark 2018 as among the most important points that will need is to reduce the access of companies and increase the cost of advertising.
  • People prefer a recommendation compared to direct advertising, this is demonstrated by a study conducted by the firm Nelson America has proved that the recommendation constituted 92% of consumers trust the highest percentage of trust compared to other advertising.

What trust is? trust is the platform wagon will be launched in the months near the first of the current year in the Arabian Gulf region and specifically in Saudi Arabia, and its goal is to connect brand paper for content more impact.

Simply put, the owner of any business relationship or a business owner targeting a specific classification seen, to make evaluation of the content, he can count on and accepted into the pricing of certain, once you do that spread content via social media, specific in width with the influencer.

Who are the people who are the targets of trust

Targets the trust is a Party of two on a product:

  • Influential pioneers of social networking websites, social network pages where you will see the focus trust on the Mother Network My Instagram and Twitter at the beginning of the launch in the next few months to be the number of stores more than 3000 followers.
  • The third party are the owners of brands who would like to educate people about their relationships and their texting marketing, shopkeepers, owners of startups who want to penetrate new markets.. and many of the models of advertisers.

Rose will work on quality assurance between the Parties, and to ensure the rights of the parties, for the content of the more influential achieve the goal of the advertiser, is entitled to the profits of influential, and people in a good way.

The experience of the successful pre-launch !

The official spoke store a snapshot the first store to sell exotic products from that his experience was highly effective in the use of influencers in the process of deployment of the store and increase sales, where content is more interactive and less expensive, but the process was complicated for many with the influential, successful, and me having a reliable platform that facilitates this process where it will be the first to join this organization.

Video explains the idea in a nutshell

Been prepared this simple video that explains the idea in a nutshell:

So in case you are one of the Parties on the product registration can be steps simple terms will be notified to registered either as trademarks or to cause an effect when launching a product in the next few months.




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