Trusting the owners of the cryptocurrency has lost more than a million dollars to “free” distribution of coins

Thousands of users of cryptocurrency XRP Ripple from the company were victims of a Scam. The last promised “free” distribution of coins in honor of the event, but in fact just took money of naive people. The announcement of the fake hand from, supposedly, the CEO of Ripple meet in Twitter, Facebook and videos on YouTube. According to the service, swindlers earned on such schemes not less than one million dollars since the beginning of 2019.

The essence of fraud is simple — attackers post an announcement about the distribution of a huge number of XRP claiming to be from well-known personalities. To participate in the competition, kryptonitetm propose to make a "small contribution" to confirm your address. Supposedly after sending they will get at least twice more. Naturally, coins, anyone then do not return — they remain on the purses of the thieves.

Especially popular are live broadcasts on YouTube. In this case, the attackers twist archival interviews and performances by famous personalities and are placed in the bottom of the video ad about “the action”. Address of wallets usually write in the video information, and constantly change them to cover his tracks. As stars use these head Ripple brad Garlinghouse, bill gates, Elon musk and other international celebrities. As experience shows, people do fall for that.

How to cheat in the niche cryptocurrency

At the end of March because of the activity of scammers on YouTube, a scandal erupted: Ripple CEO brad Garlinghouse demanded that the leadership of hosting to adopt strict measures concerning the channels, which used his identity to trick users.

It seems that representatives of the platforms, nothing came up, so it went on. This week the Ripple filed a lawsuit against YouTube LLC. The company claims damages for the failure of the representatives of the platform to stop the fraud, which allegedly distribute XRP. The guys say that people lose a lot of money, and the reputation is suffering from the Ripple.

By the way, about the money. The amount of losses actually rather big. Staff resource tracked transactions received from the exchanges on the wallets of fraudsters. Most victims were among the users of Coinbase, Binance, Bitstamp and Coincheck. The total amount stolen amounted to 8.5 million XRP that, at the current exchange rate of the crypto currency exceeds the equivalent of $ 1.6 million.

криптобиржи мошенники Ripple

Users share kryptomere among the victims

The most trusting were users of Coinbase. In the diagram, there are a lot of names other popular exchanges, but their shares are much smaller.

Victims of criminals become users of many cryptocurrencies. On different social sites full of posts with the distribution of “free money” from the face of celebrities. Divorce is very simple, but it is still a in progress. Remember: nobody will give you a lot of money just like that.

And here is a real example. Before YouTube acted the crooks who said the channel was "Ripple Inc.", that is, the Issuer XRP. They posted a video about giving 50 million coins that went through the 14 thousand times. According to the researchers, this group of swindlers associated with the theft of almost 5.9 million XRP, that is, most of the above amounts. According to analysts, part of this amount is regularly displayed, that is, hackers get money.

Note that the distribution of cryptocurrencies really exist. They often hold the developers to increase the popularity of your new project. Yes, in such cases, the user is asked certain actions on the type repost in social networks, task execution, and the like. However, to send money not asking for one.

This, by the way, the easiest way to identify a fraudster. If someone asks you to send him coins and promises earnings, you can safely block this person. Nothing good idea is not likely to end.

скамер хакер криптовалюты


We believe that this scheme will be valid forever. In the niche of the cryptocurrency always get new inexperienced users who can not believe in someone's goodness. Especially if previously heard somewhere about airdrop or to accrue coins when hardforce. So they are happy to "confirm his address" and lose money.

The most effective way of dealing with this is to talk about the problem for beginners. Need to make clear that in each niche for themselves, and to share part of the state here, no one will. After understanding this “earnings” Scam will probably subside.

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