TSMC confirms to continue, in cooperation with Huawei supply chip processor

The company stressed that the TSMC manufactured the chip Wizard Huawei it continues to work with Huawei and manufacture chip processor and chipset of their own with the Chinese.

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Company is working HiSilicon subsidiary of the Chinese giant Huawei to manufacture the chip of the processor slices and season in installations company TSMC, and today confirmed that TSMC officially on the continuation of cooperation with Huawei, supplying chips of the processor with Huawei.

The announcement of TSMC at the time that I started a lot of companies to abandon its partnership with Huawei or cancel existing contracts with the giant Chinese response to the decision of Trump, among these companies ARM that recently announced to stop the support of Huawei in the coming period.

It was the decision to ARM one of the ads Snap, where the chip processor Kirin on the design of the company’s ARM in the nuclei of the Cortex, the CRTC screen Mali, which makes the decision to ARM one of the decisions affecting definitely on the phone has Huawei, however, projections indicate that Huawei will have the ability to continue in the development of this generation and the next generation also chip processor.

In the statements of the company ARM of the network BBC News, it was pointed out that the decision to terminate the contract with Huawei will not affect the chip processor Kirin 985, a chip is provided to support the chain Mate 30, but keeps pull a license landed one of the obstacles faced by Huawei in the coming period with new versions.

Recall that Huawei had revealed a slice Tiangan in the month of January, which is the first partner of the 5G core in the world, which underpin the work of the station 5G key of Huawei, only that these slides come design ARM also, which means other damages in the development of private networks do have.


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