TSMC expects demand for Smartphone processors this year

iPhone X

Phones iPhone the new Apple TV will be released in the month of September, just like every year, so the company TSMC to produce the next generation of a series processors to Apple A Series. It seems that the Taiwanese company is optimistic about this year’s lineup.

Although sales sedentary for smart phones, the company expects TSMC growth ” consists of the number one ” in sales of processors this year, thanks to the launch of the phones to the new iPhone in the third quarter of this year. And speaking of that, will Apple provide its new smartphones with the Apple product A12 source using a process of 7 Nm, while will move to the process of 5 Nm in 2020.

Anyway, TSMC also acknowledges that its pilot project is not successful as she thought in the beginning. And for those who don’t know it, it has been the company TSMC manufactures the devices, mining digital currency, but because of the large reduction in the prices of the digital currency, the company’s revenue was disappointing.

However, the demand for Smartphone processors must return the amount of unsatisfactory chip mining digital currencies. Anyway, reminds the President and CEO of TSMC that strong sales for smart phones will be addressed in the final quarter of this year.



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