TSMC is ready to manufacture processors using 5nm technology, 3nm processors coming in 2022

tsmc _900

TSMC has hosted its annual symposium in which it has detailed its roadmap for the next two years. Currently, the company is already manufacturing processors using 5 nm technology, and expectations indicate that Apple will be the main customer and beneficiary of this manufacturing technology because it will be used to manufacture the Apple A14 Bionic processor that will be used in the iPhone 12 Series phones.

And when it comes to 3nm manufacturing technology, the Taiwanese manufacturer has revealed that it will take a different path in terms of manufacturing technology than its rival Samsung and will start mass production in the second half of 2022.

TSMC will take several steps between 5nm and 3nm manufacturing technology. The same forge will be used, but there will be a 5% speed increase and a 10% reduction in energy consumption, and manufacturing plans will appear sometime in 2021. As for the 4nm manufacturing technology, it will be developed in the fourth quarter of 2021 and will be ready. For production early 2022.

As for the 3-nanometer manufacturing technology, it will increase performance by 15 percent and reduce energy consumption by 30 percent thanks to reducing the distance between transistors. With regard to devices, we are supposed to see the first smartphones that use processors based on 3-nanometer manufacturing technology in the market in the holiday season of 2022.


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