TSMC plans to start mass production of the chip were possible to accurately manufacture 3 nm next year

Confirmed the new report came via MyDrivers that the company TSMC plans to start mass production of the chip accurately manufacture 3 nm next year.

I knew the company TSMC as one of the largest manufacturers chip processor in the world, where a lot of companies in the production and manufacture chips of their own, and today the company continue to travel faster in the process of manufacturing chips.

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Is the process of manufacturing the chip of the more complex operations and, due to the high cost of special equipment to manufacture chips, so you can Company TSMC to spend $ 15 million this year.

I have the support of the TSMC during the past years, both Apple and Huawei along with Qualcomm in the production of chips of their own, and now the company plans to start production of chips based on the manufacturing process with an accuracy of 3 nm without performing the benchmark tests.

Also offering TSMC this year to buy Apple chip A14 Bionic, while supporting Huawei with Kirin 1020, where the ranking of each of the two chips on the classification accuracy of 5 nm, with a greater number of transistors increased by 77%, to support the chip perform stronger with better management of energy.

It is scheduled to stop TSMC from the shipment of chips to buy Huawei starting from the 14 of September next, in accordance with the regulations and the new limits imposed from the administration recently, also didn’t appreciate Mark Liu, CEO of TSMC any details about the company’s plans with Huawei, and whether the company will be to get a permit to work with Huawei New.

From another side comes to chips, Apple A14 Bionic to the number of 15 million of transistors, a larger number of chip A13 Bionic that came with a number 8.5 billion of transistors and is expected to support the new chip series phones, Apple iPhone 12, to be the apple of sports in market access the first versions of the premium smartphones with accurately manufacturing 5 nm.

Also come the first chip is possible to accurately manufacture 5 nm from Qualcomm in the next issue, Snapdragon 875, which supports the phones landed, starting from the year 2021, come to one of ARM’s new Cortex X1 hi-tech, which works to improve the performance of the processing unit by 30%.

Recall that the mass production of the chip TSMC is possible to accurately manufacture 3 nm targeting TSMC manufacturers that do not need to perform benchmark tests on the chip before buying it, is expected to support this chip performance is higher by 10% to 15%, with higher efficiency in energy consumption by 20% to 25%.


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