TSMC reduced its financial forecasts for revenues in 2018


Reduced the company TSMC giant semiconductor production Taiwan, its financial forecasts for the year 2018, because of declining turnout on the purchase of new smart phones, in addition to the uncertainty surrounding the market of electronic currencies and mining. The company was expected to grow by 15%, but now expects this growth to about 10%.

For those who don’t know, TSMC is the chip from Apple, and chip all from Huawei and MediaTek. Revenue of TSMC in the first quarter of the current year registered a year on year growth by 6.1% compared to the same period last year. Anyway, TSMC expects that the declining revenues in the second quarter increased by 7% to 8% compared with the returns that have been achieved in the last quarter, note that the net proceeds to the company of up to 3.06 billion for the quarter mentioned.

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