TSMC will begin producing chips with an accuracy of 3 nm in 2022


Company TSMC Taiwan is one of the preeminent globally for the production of computer chips, and are now providing many global companies with the chip the precision manufactured to 7 nm, such as processors AMD current Ryzen, as the company works on the feet and legs to produce the chip accurately manufacture 5 nm.

And the company plans to TSMC of Taiwan to devote her efforts towards the production of processors the size of a 5 nm wide in the coming year 2020. It also plans to launch the chip improved the size of 5 nm in the year 2021, and you will have these chips improved to 5n Plus, these chips will improve on the level of electrical power consumption and also the level of performance.

Well, the latest reports on the internet that TSMC will begin immediately thereafter in the production of the chip size of 3 nm in the year 2022, and to build on what was confirmed by the vice president of manufacturing chips in the company JK Wang. No doubt we are approaching the border of the physical extremes of hand precision manufacturing chip computers.

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