TSMC will begin the launch of processors size of 5 nm improved in 2021


As reported by recent reports, the company plans to TSMC of Taiwan to devote her efforts towards the production of processors the size of a 5 nm wide in the coming year 2020.

Well, according to a new report on the internet that the company TSMC is also planning to launch the chip improved the size of 5 nm in the year 2021, and you will have these chips improved to 5n Plus, these chips will improve on the level of electrical power consumption and also the level of performance.

And the report confirms that the company has already begun production of the test chip was 5 nm, and which is supposed to reach the custom hardware to consumers in the second quarter of next year to 2020. The production test chip 5n Plus, will commence in the second quarter of next year, 2021.

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