Tumblr is losing 100 million visits per month due to the Prohibition of pornographic content

The platform has been Tumblr famous for hosting the content, pornographic pictures of stationary and moving, but they decided to ban this content and display it to you, and that’s what caused the loss of 17% of visits in just one month.

According to the data service statistics SimilarWeb, the service Tumblr attracted 521 million page hits total in the last December, after starting the application of the Prohibition of pornographic content fell to increase to 437 million increase.

This decline was expected, was banned Tumblr pornographic content as a result of removing the Apple Application Store due to the site contain pornographic content for children. Cooperated after a Tumblr with Apple to remove the offending content re-applied to the accused.

The host Tumblr many of the blogs that displays photos and videos taken from the internet is promoting child pornography and received the vogue among women, particularly where you receive more than a million hits a month each.

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