Turkey and Iran will produce a national cryptocurrency

This week was memorable for the successful launch of cryptocurrency El Petro. Venezuela launched the coin on Tuesday, but today the amount of preliminary agreements exceeded a billion dollars. The idea has attracted the governments of other countries.

El Petro will be a competitor

The creation of new coins was announced by the office staff, reports Cointelegraph. The Ministry of information and communication technology of Iran on Twitter has described the cooperation with the local Bank. The aim was to develop the first national cryptocurrency.

In Turkey, the idea became Deputy Chairman of the Nationalist party of Turkey and former Minister of industry Ahmet Kenan Tanrikulu. “National Bitcoin” call Turchina. Key differences between the official described in a 22-page report on regulation of the cryptocurrency market.

Before preparation for the launch of national cryptocurrencies, said the Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey.

It seems that by the end of the year we are waiting for dozens of national cryptocurrencies different countries. Will it affect not the best statistics of the ICO , only time will tell.

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