Turkish president calls his citizens to buy Samsung phones instead of Apple


The imposition of the administration of US President Donald Trump tariff additional on Turkish goods which have a negative impact on the price of the Turkish Lira, Turkey wants to boycott American goods in response to this procedure.

Today called Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan Turkish citizens to replace their phones iPhone the products of other companies, in particular Samsung phones the South Korean and Turkish brands.

While controlling American Corporation Apple on about 15% of the smartphone market in Turkey, the Samsung today in front of a golden opportunity to in one of the most promising markets.

Step this upgrade – which may translate into more procedures the process of later – somewhat similar to what China did last year following a dispute with the United States of America on the control areas in the South China Sea.

It is worth noting that the US President himself called years ago – when he was a candidate for president – Americans to boycott Apple’s products being dependent on sources outside the United States the production of phones, computers, tablets.

Do you think that Turkish people may not actually respond to the call of the government? Could this affect Apple’s share of market in the country? Share your opinion in the comments.

The Turkish president called his countrymen to buy Samsung instead of Apple was published first in are.

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