Turn off the feature Wellbeing does not improve the performance of the phones Pixel 3

Earlier this month, he claimed many of the phone users Pixel 3 to feature Wellbeing are responsible for performance problems, and to stop it can make a big difference. I actually Google now officially for this problem, and said that after a “comprehensive analysis”, found that there are no problems related to the performance connected with Wellbeing, disabling this feature does not steal the phones.

After user complaints, I asked Google of phones Pixel 3 affected by reporting errors which helps them to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the tests of the interior over the past three weeks, the company said in its statement read that they “did not find any problem related to the performance connected with Wellbeing on the phone pixels”.

Police said they have identified the reasons behind the sluggish performance and in the process improving the performance of the phones pixels, as is always the case if you are facing problems related to performance or any other side, the best way to solve the problem is to review steps to explore the errors and fix them through the tools of online support or customer service.

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