Turn off the Google app but at the same time for messaging on iPhone and Android!

Google decided to stop the application of its own instant messaging Google but at the same time the beginning of the month of March 2019 to the next, and after that stated earlier that it had stopped investing in the application because it did not achieve popular enough and could not attract the attention of users to the network are planned. Google also decided to close the application to Hangout by the year 2020.

إيقاف تطبيق Google Allo للمراسلة على الآيفون والأندرويد!
Turn off the Google app but at the same time for messaging on iPhone and Android!

Also the reasons that prompted Google to close down the application but at the same time is to focus on the application of other Android Messages, private instant messaging, SMS, which is similar and competitive to develop Apple’s famous FaceTime. Application Android Messages is used by more than 175 million users around the world in cooperation with more than 40 telecommunications companies.

Concerning the application of the Google Duo private conversations visible, it has Google has stated that it will not be unwound and will continue the operations of its development in the future.

Backup for messages in the application Allo

If you are a user of Google but at the same time on an iPhone or Android you can keep a copy of your messages before March 2019 by following the below steps: open the app and go to Settings Settings > talks Chat > choose to export the messages or export multimedia, the first option says to backup the messages, while the other option private pictures, videos and other files.

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