Turn off the Mac schedule

Not all users know this, but in macOS, there is a very useful feature that allows you to configure the operation mode of your computer. This can be useful for different scenarios. Today we will tell you what you should know and how to activate this option.

So, let’s start:

  1. Go to “System settings”
  2. Select the menu item “save energy”
  3. In the lower right corner is the option “Schedule…”
  4. Here is where you will configure the mode of operation of our Mac. The first option is responsible for enabling and withdrawal from sleep and second sleep, reboot and shutdown. A custom schedule under him
  5. Setup is complete! Now Mac will perform all operations right on schedule

To cancel changes, just remove the check box next to the desired option.

Unfortunately, there are small limitations: to schedule at the same time, the restart, shutdown or sleep impossible. Mac must be in an active state at the time of a planned shutdown. If you logged off or the computer went into sleep mode, it shuts down. Any unsaved changes to the programs can also prevent shut-off or sleep mode.

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