Turn off the phone Essential PH-1 officially, the company is working on ” mobile next “


The launch of the phone Essential PH-1 in 2017 by the company Essential that was founded by Andy Rubin who also happens to be the IS the founder of Android. As you probably know, it came to phone Essential PH-1 with technical specifications very upscale, design special, but to get major updates quickly, as well as many other features. I’ve lived this phone a full life and, although it is often those events are unfortunate, such as postpone the launch of the phone in the market, the departure of more executives of the company, and reduce the number of employees, and reduce the price of the phone on more than one occasion to save the rest of the company. However, it turns out, not now that the phone Essential PH-1 would not live more events in the future.

However, the positive thing is that the spokesman for the company Essential foot data gives hopes that there is something being worked on within the company so that he stated by saying : ” ran out of phone Essential PH-1 of the company’s official website and will not add any new stock. We are now working hard on the middle of the following fields and we will continue to sell accessories and provide quick updates to the operating system and customer support in our current society “.

Now, we don’t know exactly what was the official spokesperson in the name of the company is Essential meant with ” the next crop“, the fact that he didn’t mention ” phone ” explicitly makes us doubt that the Essential PH2 is coming. However, they are Essential at least promised to continue to support existing customers.


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