Turn on the flash a little trick through Siri

It may happen sometimes power outage, the first thing that comes to your mind is to your phone to turn on the lamp. Start moving around to find your phone. Now no problem after that, one of the best things that the iPhone or an iPad and iOS is to run the flash of the camera with your voice only. With the iOS update 12, you can run the lamp of your voice through the feature “Hey Siri”, and its a required feature, especially if suspended in darkness. So how do you run a scout through Siri? Continued with us.

تشغيل الفلاش بحيلة بسيطة من خلال سيري

How to adjust the “Hey Siri”

Before anything I have to review how to activate “Hey Siri”. It is known that this feature is available since the launch of iOS 8, and its Apple so you get the attention of Siri and the speech addressed to them. It is the users use a lot and some of them not using it already, with it helps get the most out of the phone, especially after the latest updates for iOS.

This feature is disabled by default until you adjust it from the Settings – Siri and – then activate the “listen to “Hey Siri” .

Immediately after Will phone or IP-bad trained you briefly to spy on what you’re saying is “Hey Siri” and you will be asked to say it three times.

You will then be asked to say a few short sentences such as “Hey Siri, how’s the weather today?”

And, Siri, that’s me.

After that you will get that “Hey Siri is ready,” press Done.

Run the flash through the “Hey Siri”

There is no doubt that the ability to run the lamp through the “Hey Siri” to make things much easier than before, especially if your hands are busy or you are looking for your phone in a dark place.

The functioning of flash by commands Siri please follow the following:

◉ Make sure that your device is running the updated iOS 12, be sure to enable the “Hey Siri” in the settings as previously, and have your phone connected to the internet.

◉ Use simple phrases such as “Hey Siri, turn on The Flash or turn the flash on or turn off the flash” considers it to be audio short so as not to confuse Siri and trading in the sounds are difficult to distinguish.

To stop the flash

Can be said

◉ If you said “Hey Siri turn the flashlight on or the Boy Scouts” won’t work for Siri because those orders private houses and smart and firmly and HomeKit. Only if it is dedicated to those words through tests Siri.

◉ Can’t Siri adjust the intensity of the brightness of the lamp, they are running on default mode, and can control the intensity of lighting through deep pressure or prolonged on choosing the interests in the Control Center.

◉ Works feature “Hey Siri” on the iPhone 6s latest permanently, as for any-the iPhone 6 and earlier don’t work “Hey Siri” only and the-iPhone connector powered.

◉ In the case of the use of the English language to understand you to say Flashlight to scout and not Flash or light. And of course you have to be on iOS 12 as we have explained in the top.

Do you use the feature, Siri? And did you know that you can lighting flash by Siri? Tell us in the comments.

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