Turn the phone into a wireless microphone program download WO Mic

Download the program makes mobile Mike for computer WO Mic 2018

The use of smart phones and apps became saves you a lot of skill in this subject will offer you the application provides to us to use the Mike to the computer , the program makes mobile Mike the computer by turning the phone into a microphone Wireless , Application WO Mic Android saves you owning Mike is real, and the Maya used a fake to the computer and to record audio and supports application WO Mic a lot of ways to link with computer know in this topic of our site how technique .

About the mic, Phantom WO Mic :

Mostly find computers portable or desktop PC without a microphone with it, despite its importance and for any user , where sometimes he needs to pick up sound and record it in the chat with others via the programs call free or video like Skype and others , but he can’t do that to the lack of microphone wire or other .

But in this case if you use Android phone, it can save you and your microphone a phone to use the computer easily, but you need to apply you can convert the mobile to a wireless microphone , it is through the application of WO Mic lets you use the phone’s microphone in Windows PC through three modes of contact such as:

USB cable

The Wi-Fi network Wi-Fi

Bluetooth connection Bluetooth

Which means that it can be a wireless microphone or a fake without any cost .

طريقة الاتصال مع الكمبيوتر
A way to communicate with the computer

Steps to convert mobile into Mike’s fake computer

I program WO Mic is a great application and many advantages which is very important for users of computers that don’t have a microphone because it will be the best alternative to no, this program makes your Android best Mike is not wired to your device, you can use it in recording voice messages and send them to your friends from all over the world, as you can hold a conversation and voice chat with your friends either via the programs screen or chat sites where the software makes the sound pure and free from chipping .

طريقة تحويل الجوال الى مايك لاسلكي
By transforming the mobile into a wireless Mike

And the disadvantage which is taken on a programme of WO Mic is a delay light which can’t be seen where I don’t feel the user management program works like a microwave real , and is Application download WO Mic the first steps to convert mobile into Mike’s fake so you can start shopping and use as your imaginary .

The first step : the beginning of the log on the website of the WO Mic to improve the tools and follow the procedures necessary to use the phone microphone wireless through the following link : WO Mic

Step two : download the application WO Mic through the link at the bottom of this theme on Android phone and is available in two versions one driven and one free but it offers excellent performance in the photo .

Third step : now you have to install the Client setup program and the definition of the WO Mic device driver on your computer is be a link between your phone and computer and marked to the size of them is small and consumes the space of the hard drive.

Step four : now open the application WO Mic from the phone and then clicking on the button Settings from the top and then click on Transport .

Step five : now we have to determine the method of transport or contact with the computer through three options The you of the program :

USB cable or Wi-Fi where it gives you the IP number you type inside the program on the computer, the communication process, or Bluetooth if your mobile device supports communication via Bluetooth .

تسجيل الصوت باستخدام ميكروفون WO Mic
Record audio using the microphone WO Mic

Step six : after selecting the contact heading now to the program that you have installed on the computer the Client setup program.

Step seven : run the program on the computer, and then click on the section of the Connection from the top until the popup window appears select Connect to show a window in which to determine a contact option that you selected through the app on the phone if USB click on USB and press OK ok.

ربط تطبيق WO Mic مع الكمبيوتر
Connect application WO Mic with the computer

The second step : after the connection by clicking the button Start in the phone application on the Android phone to the bonding process between him and the computer so now you have a high quality microphone in the computer you can use it in any purpose, such as recording of voice messages or in the chat voice. Or in the voice recognition software through the personal computer, and in a lot of games.

بداية تسجيل الصوت باستخدام مايك WO Mic
The beginning of the audio recording using a Mike WO Mic

Link to download the program WO Mic Android wireless Mike

Download the app

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