TV first smartphone from the company OnePlus has up in the near future


OnePlus is a company well-known hobby its smart, but in the past year, the company confirmed that it will be making a TV smart. The details were related to this smart TV are scarce at that time, and did not hear much about it until today, leaving some wondering whether this is a smart TV will come already or not.

The good news is that if you require to see how to deal OnePlus with the smart TV market, it has the famous warrior Ishan Agarwal published a tweet on the Twitter alludes to that, according to what he heard from his own sources, it seems that the company OnePlus is preparing to launch a smart TV first in the near future. Not mentioned specific dates, but stated that we won’t have to wait for a long time before we see it moves.

When it comes to technical specifications, it is still this side, wrapped in a mystery, but Ishan Agarwal is expected to not use this TV technology is OLED, which means that people who like the colors emitted by the OLED screens will need to search in another place. Given that the TV market dominated by the likes of Samsung and LG and Sony and Panasonic, for example, but not limited to, we are interested to know whether OnePlus will be able to distinguish itself from the rest.

It was the company OnePlus intends to in the past usually the price to keep itself different from the competitors, so wouldn’t be surprised in case you used a similar strategy with a their first smartphone also, but will have to wait and see if it will actually materialize or not.

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