Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh

The computer that “not a computer, and a work of art.” Who haven’t “bought”, but especially and did not sell (it’s Limited Edition, limited edition!). Which was, at the same time but in different rankings in the top five best and the five worst.

This incredible computer guess (and maybe behind) the appearance and layout of the computers in our Millennium, in my opinion, a clear demonstration to the world the essence and spirit of Apple. It was designed in the “dark age” of the company, without the participation of Steve jobs, on the decision to start its design was signed by Michael Spindler, and the order for his release was signed by Gil Amelio.

Against the background of hundreds of uniform models “light beige”, it looked especially bright. The clip shown during the presentation I watched several times.

Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh (TAM) was designed by Jonathan YWAM. If not for this project, Jonathan went out of the Apple he was bored. After finishing the project, and no longer expecting anything good, Jonathan tried again to leave Apple, and almost made the resignation – but times were different now under the skin of the usual peace Apple was hiding a dangerous and aggressive predator with DNA NeXT, who saw a Quince murderous potential.

Ive saved for the company John Robinstein, senior Vice President of Apple’s hardware, in which submission there was a group of industrial design. Realizing that to convince Jonathan he will not succeed, Rubinstein appealed to jobs.

What would happen if Jonathan Ive left Apple in 1998? At least, the world would not be what it is today.


You can imagine the humble Quince, with a decent hairdo and talking like normal people?

I work, but video does not lie:

Actually, it’s a promotional video, a commercial computer which was very difficult to obtain (even with money), but the credits belong to a later period, he has “senior Vice President of Apple’s industrial design.” Top Manager, with an annual “compensation” of one million dollars.

I find it hard to understand what made Apple, promoting the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh. This fancy computer (Michael Spindler was going to make him massive, but in 1997, his opinion for a long time nobody was interested in) was issued in the amount of 12 000 units, of which 399 pieces left on the Apple (spare parts!).

The remaining 11 601 thing “put on sale”, 7 $ 499. In order to start the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh was a different price – almost ten thousand dollars, Gil has achieved its reduction almost to the cost.

On TV showing a promotional video (see above), but in the free market for these computers was not Apple they are supplied only in the United States, Japan, France and Germany. And somewhere else, but it was of such countries five or six. Neither the Russian Federation nor the most fanatical of fans of Macs (Canada and Australia), wasn’t on the list.

In Russia, rich and authoritative people (and it was the 90s), offered “any money” for this toy, which none of their friends were not. When I was in the past, Apple was in a hurry to sell the remaining stock TAM’you to release them to the mysterious new Mac and, in the end they were sold for fifteen thousand.

In fact, the demand for the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh was superior to their offer until the price was prohibitive, and everyone knew what to buy him uneasy. If Apple, for example, once a week was arranged for the auction and would sell it for 10 or 12 cars… But not the laws they have inflexible, not that there was no one to think about it, not something else – that’s write now that “the computer was not a success, sold a total of 11 with something thousand pieces”.

And do not argue: Yes, 11 601 thing, minus a few dozen pieces, given to one or another significant for Apple figures. Among them were both Steve jobs and Wozniak.

The views of Steve separated radially: jobs hated it “the epitome of all the worst thing that happened to Apple” Wozniak willingly kept it on the desktop and used it.

By the way, why “1997” if the twentieth birthday Apple said April 1, 1996?

Birth and death Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh

The memory thing is inaccurate. So before you throw out for readers of their texts, I have them recheck. Check, no guarantee, but still, with them somehow safer.

And recheck the sources of your information… not better than me. Here is one that is not afraid of the word, tales about the hero of our story.

If, in January or February 1996, was surprised to learn about the 20th anniversary of the company, Gil Amelio was furious, and demanded to develop and produce the anniversary computer, and for a term appointed “yesterday.” And poor tortured Apple engineers, pameli the bottom of the barrel and spec this is the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh defective spare parts…

I cheated, deepening version of these sources… Version is untenable, because:

order “to create a special computer” for the 20th anniversary Apple was signed by the Artist, or his “aide” in 1994;
in 1995 a working prototype of Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh was the hero of the movie Sabrina, with a few differences from the release version, but is quite recognizable;
— there was no hurry, the design and layout of TAM impress with care and with attention to detail;
by 1 April 1996, the developers have not had time, but nobody did for it was not.

Some of these arguments can not believe it, but the film Sabrina is a document. If its creators did not have time machine.

Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh was announced and shown to the public in January 1997, and its “sale” started on 14 March 1997.

If you know what was happening with Apple and around Apple in 1997, you will understand why this product no one paid much attention: not until he had. Apple, in complete secrecy, had developed a mysterious new computer (According to rumors, it was supposed to be XXI-century Mac, based on a Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh)…

For the price of fifteen hundred apiece, the remains of the warehouse were eliminated in a matter of days. 9 March 1998 Apple officially announced the discontinuation of the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh. Storage space was needed for something else already existed really.

Technical data

Nothing to say about what was anniversary computer. So, very loosely, tell the most important.

It was the world’s first computer “all-in-one” with a 12.1-inch LCD screen (30.7 cm). Unless you consider “power supply” in the form of a heavy closed bins.

The processor is a PPC 603e, with a clock frequency of 250 MHz, supplied with 32 Megabytes of RAM (which can be expanded up to 128 MB) and 2 GB disk.

All ports required Mac am until 1998, CD drive 4x speed without recording capabilities (in Batman and Robin Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh, used to create the CD, but maybe they had some other version of this computer from a parallel branch of history).

Sound. Yes, it was an impressive machine for music playback with built-in audio system from Bose…

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