Twitter achieved a net profit of 336 million active users

Twitter announced its financial results for the first quarter which showed the gross proceeds of approximately $ 665 million of which a net profit of $ 61 million. Thus the company achieved annual growth in revenue of approximately 21%

The total number of monthly active users 336 million an increase of 3% from the same quarter of last year and increase of 6 million users from the previous quarter. The number of daily active users grew by 10% compared to the same period last year.

This be Twitter has made the growth of the number of users exceeded expectations particularly in the United States, where it now has 69 million active users. And to simplify follow-up procedures to users of the themes and concerns is what helped her to increase the number of active users globally.

Interesting in the Twitter results for the quarter, it achieved a net profit for the second consecutive quarter after it was used to decide road losses last year so that its losses for the same quarter of last year amounted to $ 61.5 million.


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