Twitter acquires application Highly with the full team

تويتر تستحوذ على تطبيق Highly مع كامل فريق العمل

The executive director announced to develop Highly on his personal blog in the platform Medium that Twitter has acquired the application, which runs on iOS operating system and offers a working environment on the platform of the Slack, in addition to offering add-ons on the browsers Chrome and Firefox and Safari is the browser of the months at all.

According to the website TechCrunch , which posted the confirmation on Twitter of the acquisition, the task was to acquire the staff mainly and not for services provided by a Highly in general, which gives a logical explanation to it because the app will be stopped on iOS as well as Slack in the April 26 current.

The application features Highly submitting different form of content publishers, where based on identification of key points of the article or news published on the site to facilitate a decision by the user instead of watching titles just like we participate in most applications, this is that you are trying to Twitter to use it in the development environment, the conversation on the platform, next to help webmasters and media institutions to publish their content in a more intuitive manner.

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